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Deuce makes it simple, fun and affordable for everyone to play more tennis.

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Andy Murray

“There are lots of schemes out there for encouraging participation but this is the first time I’ve backed something like this. The team behind Deuce are really impressive and they have a working knowledge of tennis and tennis clubs in this country so they really understand the issues and the potential.”

“Tennis is such a great sport with so many benefits - physical, mental and social, but we simply don’t have enough people playing in this country. We need to fill empty courts with people playing more often and Deuce uses today’s technology to do this in a simple, welcoming and affordable way.”


Book, Play, Have Fun

Book courts at friendly clubs and venues near home or work to play friends, family or other Deuce members.

Simple and Affordable

Book a court in just four clicks. Pay as you play or sign up to Premium and get a court a day and a session a week for just £10/month.


A superb way to get fit, make friends, have fun and feel great.


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Get fitter to play tennis or any other sport.

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Friendly knockabouts to meet other players.

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High Energy. Fast improvement.

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10TENNIS - 7 matches in 90 minutes.

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Open for players with any disability.

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Team up with us to grow the sport we love.


Clubs and venues will thrive as we welcome more people onto courts and into the sport.


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